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Developing the 18-Minute Virtual Magic Show

Every group that hires me for virtual magic shows has a different expectation. Some corporations expect a one-hour Zoom mentalism show. Amazon recently hired me for just eight minutes of “mind-blowing online magic,” to introduce a huge team meeting.

But my favorite is the 45-minute virtual magic show. It’s immersive, interactive, and it’s not entirely online. Predictions are mailed out before the event, and twisted, ESP-bent spoons are sent out after. (You should see the gorgeous packaging!)

And yet this week, I’ve been working on my 18 minute set. It’s a specific number. It means I have to cut some of my favorite effects–anything that takes longer than a minute or two is gone! I have to take a carving knife to some amazing jokes, and mind-bending revalations.

And yet it also means I’ve got something very tight, very concise, and very, very fun.

We did six preview shows this weekend, and ~150 households tuned in. Initial feedback was all outstanding!

“FABULOUS show! Thank you so much.” – Diane D.
“We had such a fun time! Thanks for putting on such a great show!” – Mike V.
“Really terrific show this morning. So glad I was able to score a ticket. So good!” – Chris M. 
“Brilliant. You are a fantastic performer. I’m so stumped right now. Thanks so much for a great show!” – Chris T.
“It was amazing!! The best moment was probably the end when OUR cards were right!” – Zoey B.
“That was so fun!” – Heather B.
“My boys (and I) loved the show! Thank you thank you! You’re amazing!” – Arati K.

Awwww…. thank you!!! I’m still making improvements, and still tweaking it, but I always will be.

Let me know if you’re interested in seeing the new magic and mindreading show. It’s a blast.

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