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February Research

While January was all about Bigfoot, February became a fantastic month of UFO chasing.

I tackled a classic: John A Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies: A True Story. It’s a fascinating report of a town plagued by visitations, filled with olive-skinned giants and dwarfs in poorly-cut suits, vehicles floating over highway, the author’s radioactive sunburns. The stories are weird, and brilliant, and claimed to be true. The author — sorry, the journalist — asks every experiencer what he considers a silly-sounding question: “Did you ever dream there was a stranger in the house in the middle of the night?” It’s not silly. It’s honest, and perfect. It could have informed how Dale Cooper takes his coffee (black as midnight on a moonless night) or my script. Okay, the line influenced the script, the moment I read it.

Then there was Ben “The Social Network” Mezrich’s remarkable The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway. Instead of being about the experiences and visitations, this fantastic and scary book follows one man’s dive down the rabbit hole of UFOlogy. A microchip engineer and sheriff’s deputy, who segues from UFO tourist to a fully-obsessed expert in alien cattle dismemberment, traveling the country for the Mutual UFO Network. It’s A Beautiful Mind, but instead of going crazy for math, Chuck Zukowski goes cuckoo for little green men. I loved it, and love him a bit too. (In the book, his primary office tools are a pin-filled map and a scrawl-filled whiteboard. I use both in my sets, but not as much as I should!)

Because every good conspiracy theorist fears what the government is doing with their money, and what they’re preventing YOU from doing, I also dove into DeFi, Decentralized Finance. Cryptocurrency.

For light reading, I ate up (the same) Ben Mezrich’s frantic and brilliant Bitcoin Billionaires in a single sitting. How misunderstood the Winklevoss Twins were!! (Oh, how surprised I was that the goofy two-dimensional cardboard cutouts from The Social Network weren’t true to life!) I can’t recommend this book more. After reading it, I almost raced to my laptop and bought some more Bitcoin, just in time to lose about 10%.

For something more substantial, I also ploughed through CoinGecko’s How to DeFi. There were fewer six-foot-five crewmen and bikini-clad models, but there was a lot more definition. The book breaks down how entrepreneurs are working to overthrow the broken banking industries, and what the future of finance probably looks like. After reading this, I bought some DAI tokens. That seems a little more stable than Bitcoin… which just went up.

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