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Super Fun Andy

If you’ve seen the show, you know that I play two characters: Conspiracy Andy and Super Fun Andy. One is dark and serious and dedicated to conveying “the truth”–this site carries that tone–while the other is light and silly and… well, fun! This site doesn’t really support fun Andy. So I brought in magiciana’s favorite […]

Continuing to Build, Beyond the Magic

Every day, I’m practicing and researching the magic. But you know what? The magic is just a part of my virtual magic show. There’s always more work to be done. Implementing new technology. Zoom audiences should have a seamless virtual magic experience, and this week I’ve been furthering that. A new touchpad for switching scenes, […]

Developing the 18-Minute Virtual Magic Show

Every group that hires me for virtual magic shows has a different expectation. Some corporations expect a one-hour Zoom mentalism show. Amazon recently hired me for just eight minutes of “mind-blowing online magic,” to introduce a huge team meeting. But my favorite is the 45-minute virtual magic show. It’s immersive, interactive, and it’s not entirely […]