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“Entertaining, astounding, and all too timely.”
Michael Abatemarco, Santa Fe New Mexican

“Really great fun!”
Cory Doctorow, Futurist and Sci-Fi Author

“You just blew my mind.”
Tom Holland, Spider-Man

“As fun as &@##$.”
Macaulay Culkin, Home Alone

“I loved it! So good!”
Brenda Song, London Tipton

“Our favourite Zoom call by far!”
Jen C., BBC News

“So fantastic! Thank you for brightening up our mornings!”
Nadia W., Google

“We all had a blast! Probably the best team activity we’ve had — pandemic or no.
Jean C., Apple Inc.

“Andy’s show is pure magic – a must have team experience!”
Amy McD., Google

“Everyone loved it!”
Matt J.,

“Our team loved it so much, we voted to do it again!”
Lauren K., Toyota Research Labs

“Everyone had an amazing time!”
Kerry L., Salesforce

“The show was FANTASTIC! We learned some cool stuff about each other and we enjoyed the laughter. Thank you so much!” 
Jassy J.,

“Fantastic — Andy has mastered Zoom!”
Kara K., The Getty

“A lot of fun. Our team had a blast!”
Garth W., Google

“Hands down the best happy hour we’ve had!”
Sergio Z., Apple Inc.

“The team had a great time ?”
Alex L., Atlassian

“That was fantastic!”
Connie L., McKinsey & Co


“Hilarious and fun online team building… had the entire team singing his praises for days afterward. Highly recommend!”
Noel M., SiriusXM / Pandora Radio

“That was beyond entertaining!!! Great feedback from the group.”
Erica L., Google / YouTube

“The best Zoom Social ever! Andy’s skills are top secret level!”
Boban Z., UC Berkeley / RiseLab

“Awesome show! The team can’t stop talking about Andy!”
Dale B., Apple Inc.

“Thank you for the WONDERFUL show! Everyone truly enjoyed it.”
Vanessa R.,

“That was fantastic! Our minds were blown.”
Mike D., Thought Industries

“We absolutely loved it… having a laugh together makes such a difference!”
Eike F., Google

“An awesome show!!! Everyone enjoyed it. They’re still talking about it in slack.”
Paulas B.,

“Everyone had a wonderful time/experience. We really appreciate you helping to make our staff appreciation day event super fun.”
Gina O., W[ REDACTED ]n LLP 

“The perfect virtual holiday event!”
Corinne L., Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute

“Great! 10/10 would recommend!”
Jessica N., Zillow

“Andy has mastered the quarantine Zoom and kept us laughing and/or in awe the whole time.”
Margie R., Dollar Shave Club

Angi B., LA Public Library
Lucia M., AIG Investments AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Nancy H., Cruise Automation

“We loved it. So fun!”
Laura L., Nordstrom

“That was awesome!”
Greg R., American Society of Appraisers
Ankarino L., ThisMoment

“The team had so much fun and couldn’t stop talking about it. They even created an emoji.”
Hayley A., Soona

“The group had a great time! Thanks so much again.”
Noelle H., Zillow

“Amazing! I am receiving a ton of positive feedback!
‘Andy is the coolest!!!’
‘Impressive tricks’
‘This man is so funny, I love his side facts!’”
Chalese D., FitBit

“Super fun!! Amazing.”
Michael A., Agency MVP

“A great show! The team absolutely loved it!”
Daniel F., SPAN Digital, Inc.

Tyler S., Turnaround Management Association

“Terrific! Our staff really enjoyed the show.”
Diane F., Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

“Wow – fab – so good – really different and fun!”
Ben S., Caution Your Blast Marketing

“A real pleasure!! Everyone has been emailing me to let me know they had a great time.”
Michael S., Blackhawk Network

“WOW! Fantastic right from the beginning. Andy is not your average magician.”
Joe S., Rakuten Rewards

“Everyone had such a blast!”
Brigid M., Burning Man LLC

“Everyone loved it!”
John R., Coalition Cybersecurity
Igor L., Honeylove
Rebecca M., Aquent Staffing
Maya F., Topa Insurance Group

“Everyone had a great time! Thank you SO much! A great way to get people smiling.”
Risha C., Nordstrom

“We had Andy for our launch party. Super fun and engaging!”
Grant G., UnitedMasters

“Outstanding… a highlight of the show. Highly recommended.”
Mark Hurst, host, Skeptech and Techtonic on WFMU

“Everyone had a ball! Really loved it. Thought it was perfect and hated to see it end.”
Lesslie K., Episcopal Community Services


“You just blew my mind.”
– Tom Holland, Spiderman

“As fun as &@##$.”
– Macaulay Culkin

“I loved it! So good!”
– Brenda Song

“Not just top-notch magic, but also an interactive experience that puts the audience at the heart of conspiracy theories and secret government research into the paranormal. X-Files meets magic. I loved it!”
– Charles Soule, NYT Bestselling Author

“I’m not generally a fan of magic. This show was incredible!”
– Lloyd Kaufman, Cult Filmmaker